Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Days 349 - 350
Spanish Municipal Marina, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, August 9 – Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Entrance to the observation tower

 Seamoore, Jeremiah, and Dream Catcher on the far dock

 View east from the observation tower

Fuel dock at Spanish Marina

 We had planned to anchor at Beardrop in the Whalesback Channel, but rain and high winds were predicted for Wednesday.  The looper train decided to head for the safety of a marina.  Spanish is a recently-remodeled marina with facilities that include a lounge, laundry, and workout room.  We rode our bikes a couple of miles to the very small town and picked up a few supplies.
On Wednesday the winds picked up and produced white caps in the bay.  We were glad to be in the marina.  We tried the internet service and to our amazement it was one of the fastest that we have experienced on the loop!  Wow.  We took advantage of it and worked on the blog.                                     
Total miles:  17.5      Total bridges:  0       Total locks:  0

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