Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Days 336 - 338
South Bay Cove Marina, Honey Harbour,
Ontario, Canada
Wednesday, July 27 through Friday, July 29, 2011

 Many boats waiting for lockage

 Canadian Shield

 No yard mowing for this home

 South Bay Cove marina

 Top of the Cove restaurant

40th anniversary dinner with Chris and Bruce

 Sample soup appetizer

 A wonderful evening

Chris and Bruce

Due to bad weather on Georgian Bay yesterday, the traffic at Lock #45 on the Trent Severn Waterway was backed up.  We left Driftwood Marina about 9:15, got in line, and finally locked through about 11:45.  We left behind a long line of boats still waiting to get through. 
We maneuvered our way through the narrow marked channels with 30 million year old boulders just below the surface on either side.  We arrived at South Bay Cove Marina a little after 2:00, fueled up, pumped out, and finally docked.   Kristin, one of the dock hands, drove a few of us to the grocery store for a little provisioning.                               
Dinner was with Chris and Bruce at the Top of the Cove Restaurant.  It was pricey, but excellent.
Thursday and Friday were work days around the boat.  We were waiting for a package to arrive from home.  Fortunately it arrived on Friday, our fortieth  wedding anniversary.  We celebrated by again having dinner at the Top of the Cove with Bruce and Chris.  Again it was excellent.
 We can’t say enough about the facilities and the staff at South Bay Cove Marina.  Everything was outstanding.   The gift shop and ships’ store were well stocked, including a freezer section with top quality meats and fish.  We would highly recommend this stop for all boaters.     
 Total miles:  17      Total bridges:  1       Total locks:  1

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