Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 335
Driftwood Marina, Port Severn, Ontario, Canada
Tuesday, July 26, 2011

 Bade Boomer in the slings

 Dream Catcher and Jeremiah get settled in the slings

 Dream Catcher crosses the highway

 Starting down the Big Chute

 Wow!  What a view!

 Dream Catcher and Jeremiah leave the Big Chute

 Painkiller and Seamoore cross the highway

 Becky and Carlton begin their descent

The Big Chute awaits the next load of boats

One of the highlights of the Great Loop is Lock #44 called the Big Chute.  It is a railway lift that takes boats over land from one body of water to another.   The lift can carry 110 tons and vessels up to 100-feet in length.  With its complex system of straps and rams it can carry a combination of boats up and down on each trip.   It was a thrill to be the front boat in the lift, hanging in the slings with a spectacular view off our bow.   Crossing a highway in our boat was an amazing experience.   
After the Big Chute we had planned to travel to Honey Harbour on the Georgian Bay, but the winds picked up to 45 mph and the bay got rough.  At the last minute we changed our plans and decided to stay above Lock 45. It is the last lock on the Trent-Severn Waterway before entering Georgian Bay.  Driftwood Marina was able to take all 4 boats, but Bade Boomer opted to stay on the lock wall.  The marina turned out to be a gem with a yacht club setting – a great stop.  We all had happy hour together at the boaters’ lounge.    Others ate dinner at the on-site pub, but the 2 of us had a quiet dinner on board.                           
  Total miles: 13       Total bridges:  1       Total locks:  1

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