Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 339
Parry Sound Town Dock, Parry Sound, Ontario,
Saturday,  July 30, 2011

In front of Henry's

 Lunch at Henry's with Chris and Bruce

 Docked at Henry's

Leaving Henry's

 Parry Sound town docks
Good appetizers across from the marina

Dream Catcher and Bade Boomer left South Bay Cove a little after 8:00.  The scenery along the way was stunning.  We stopped for lunch at Henry's, a local restaurant well-known for its fish.
Jeremiah and Seamoore were waiting for us at the Parry Sound town dock.  They had traveled ahead on Thursday and Friday. 
We walked downtown, picked up a few provisions, and stopped for appetizers at Bay St. Café.  We had a light dinner on board.                          
Total miles:  46.5      Total bridges:  1       Total locks:  0

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