Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 341
Strawberry Island Anchorage,
Georgian Bay, Canada
Monday, August 1, 2011

 Point Au Baril Lighthouse

 The famous barrel

 Site of the original barrel denoting safe passage through turbulent waters

 A modern home is unusual in this area

 On the way to the Bustards

Different rock formations around every bend

Our anchorage at the Bustards

The Looper Train pulled anchor a little before 9:00.  We took the inside passage which was calm, but unnerving with hairpin turns required in extremely tight areas with boulders on each side.  When they got the chance, Bade Boomer went outside.  They found high winds and 3-foot waves.  Trawlers Jeremiah and Seamoore decided to anchor on the inside rather than roll in the waves. 
Dream Catcher continued through Hangdog Narrows, through the open water, and caught up with Bade Boomer at Rogers Island.  It turned out to not be a good anchorage, so we continued to Strawberry Island in the Bustards.  We found a great anchorage, tied bow to stern, and enjoyed the evening.    
Total miles:  46.5      Total bridges:  0       Total locks:  0

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