Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Days 342 - 343
Sportsman’s Inn, Killarney, Canada
Tuesday, August 2 – Wednesday, August 3, 2011

 3 lighthouses at the Bustards

 Jeremiah leads the way to Beaverstone Bay

 Bade Boomer heads west with La Cloche mountain range in the background

 Collins Inlet

 Collins Inlet

 Collins Inlet

 Lighthouse at Killarney

 Dream Catcher at Sportsman's Inn 

 Herbert Fisheries

 The Pines Inn

Sportsman's Inn

We slept in, had a big breakfast, and waited for Jeremiah and Seamoore to arrive.  They left their anchorage at first light, found calm waters, and arrived about 11:00.  Since the weather was good, and we had a lot of open water to cover, we all headed to Beaverstone Bay for an anchorage.  A storm was predicted for late afternoon, and when we arrived in Beaverstone, we could not find a protected area for 4 boats.  So we moved on to Mills Lake, but there we could not get an anchor to hold.  We decided to run to Killarney for a safe dock at the Sportsman’s Inn.  We finally arrived at the marina about 5:00.  Jeremiah and Seamoore had been traveling for 11 hours.  After checking in, the 2 of us walked across the street to The Pines Inn for pizza dinner.  
We woke to rain and strong winds.  We were glad to be safely tied at the marina.  About noon the weather cleared.  Since our slips were located on George Island, across the channel from the Sportsman’s Inn, we took the marina-provided shuttle across the channel.  Becky, Carlton, Jeff, and Linda arrived in Jeremiah’s dinghy.  We walked to Hebert Fisheries for fish and chips lunch, shopped at the general store, and stopped at the Killarney Mountain Lodge Marina. 
 A fun surprise for the evening was the marina’s version of a drive-in movie for boats.  They showed the movie “Yes Man” on a huge screen.  Boaters could turn to FM101.1 for sound.    What a great idea!                          
Total miles:  50      Total bridges:  0       Total locks:  0

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