Thursday, September 8, 2011

Days 373 - 376       Spring Brook Marina
Seneca, IL
Friday, September 2 - Monday, September 5, 2011

 Spring Brook Marina office and boat showroom

 Spring Brook Marina courtesy van, our ride for 4 days

Fergy's in downtown Seneca
 Dream Catcher and Jeremiah docked at Spring Brook Marina

Again the temperatures were in the 90s, so we made it a short travel day.  We checked in at Spring Brook Marina, got the courtesy van, and were about to leave for downtown Seneca when we were surprised to see Dave, a friend we last saw in Key West.  We were introduced to Dave and his wife Becky by Bruce and Chris Bade.  We had a lot of fun together when Dave and Becky were on vacation in Key West while Dream Catcher was there with Bade Boomer.  Dave and Becky live close to Seneca, heard that we were in the area, and stopped by.   Dave drove his car, and we followed him to downtown Seneca in the courtesy car.  All of us had lunch together at Fergy’s while also doing laundry in the nearby laundromat. 
On Saturday morning Dave and Becky stopped by for a short visit.  We spent the day working around the boat and discovered that we needed a new sump pump.  Jeff went above and beyond to help with the installation.  What a guy!     
Sunday was a great day because Seamoore arrived.  Becky had been released from the hospital last Thursday, and they had been traveling long days since then to catch up.  The Looper Train was back together!  The 6 of us took the courtesy van downtown to Fergy’s for dinner. 
Monday was Labor Day, and all of us on the Looper Train celebrated with a huge dinner of ribs, corn on the cob, baked beans, and Caesar salad.  Yum!  Thanks to Linda for preparing the ribs and to Carlton for grilling.                                           
Total miles:  22      Total bridges:  3       Total locks:  1

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