Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 383     Illinois Riverdock Restaurant
Hardin, IL
Monday, September 12, 2011

 Jeremiah passes under the I-72 Bridge, the most Western point of the Loop

Illinois Riverdock Restaurant
 Home of the famous brisket

Loopers docked at Hardin
Augie Busch regularly flies in for brisket 

 Owner Mel (standing) greets Sigrid, Linda, Jeff, Brenda, Jim, and Fred

Looper dinner at Mel's Riverdock Restaurant

Dream Catcher, Jeremiah, Jumbo, and Godspeed left Beardstown in the early morning.   We were lucky to get right through the La Grange Lock which is the final lock on the Illinois River.   All 4 boats stopped at the Illinois Riverdock Restaurant due to Jim’s claim that it serves the world’s best brisket. 
The 4 boats filled all of the space on the small straight dock.   When other Looper boats arrived later, they rafted off of Godspeed and Jeremiah.   The Loopers gathered at the restaurant for that delicious brisket dinner.  Besides dinner leftovers, Dream Catcher stocked up with extra brisket and 2-inch-thick pork chops.    Yum!!            
Total miles: 62       Total bridges:  7       Total locks:  1

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