Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day  382     Logsdon Tug Service
Beardstown, IL
Sunday, September 11, 2011

"Jumbo", shipped from Germany to Florida

 Jerimiah, Dream Catcher, and Godspeed tied to the barge at Beardstown

Jumbo tied to tow at Beardstown

“Dream Catcher” and “Jeremiah” left the IVY Club at first light along with “Jumbo” and “Godspeed”.  We had good luck at the Peoria Lock and all 4 boats arrived at Logsdon Tug Service about 4:00.   The Tug Service allows pleasure craft to tie to one of their barges docked on the river.  It’s not the prettiest dockage, but it’s secure.     
Along with Jeff and Linda we walked downtown, stopped at a Mexican Restaurant for dinner, and shopped for a few groceries.   The tough economy has definitely taken its toll on Beardstown.        
Total miles: 80       Total bridges:  12       Total locks:  1

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