Sunday, June 26, 2011

Days 298 - 302 Waterford Docks,
Waterford, NY
Sunday, June 19, 2011 – Thursday, June 23, 2011

Troy Lock

Troy Lock

Troy Lock

Congratulations to Rich and Linda!  Their gold AGLCA flag designates completion of America's Great Loop. 

Cookout party

Cookout at Linda and Rich's marina

Waterford Visitors' Center

Waterford city docks

Sidewalk at the Waterford Visitors' Center depicting the first 5 locks on the Erie Canal collectively known as the "Waterford Flight" which will raise a boat 169 feet in elevation in less than 2 miles.  This is the highest set of lift locks in the world. 

Map shows Waterford on the right with the Champlain route heading  north and the Erie Canal route heading west 

The locks on the Erie Canal are very narrow compared to the Mississippi River locks

Lock #2 is the first lock heading west from Waterford on the Erie Canal

Waterford, the oldest incorporated village in the United States

Waterford, gateway to the New York State canal system

The bridge toll is 1805 was 18 cents for farmers and 25 cents for "gentlemen's" wagons. 

On Sunday morning Rich picked us up at the Troy Docks to take us shopping.   We stopped at the Waterford Docks to see if dock space was available there.  It’s usually very busy at the Waterford Docks because it is free, including water and electricity.  Dock space was available, so we decided to give up the shopping trip and move to Waterford.  Just as we were leaving the Troy docks, Jeff and Linda on Jeremiah arrived.  They were traveling with Mike and Twyla on Nauti Nell.  We hadn’t seen Jeff and Linda since Norfolk.  After the AGLCA Rendezvous they drove back to Florida for the birth of their first grandchild.  Congratulations to their son, daughter-in-law, and all grandparents on the birth of little Madison!          
Dream Catcher and Seamoore left the Troy Docks and locked through the Troy Lock on the Hudson River for the short run to Waterford.  In the evening Rich picked us up and took us to Goofin Off’s home marina.  He and Linda prepared a wonderful cookout dinner for us, Becky, Carlton, Jeff, Linda, Mike and Twyla.  The looper train was back together and with additional loopers! 
On Monday Jeremiah and Nauti Nell also moved to the Waterford Docks.  As a looper, Rich understands how difficult it is to not have ground transportation.  He more than generously drove us to numerous stores so that we could stock up.   On Monday evening we went to dinner at McGreivey’s for a great meal with Becky, Carlton, Jeff, Linda, Twyla, and Mike.  Our waitress Liz was a hoot! 
On Tuesday we changed the oil, zincs, and fuel filters and completed other boat chores.  On Wednesday we cleaned the boat and again enjoyed a great meal at McGreivey’s.  On Thursday morning we were planning to leave, but the rain and wind held us for another day.  The 2 of us went to breakfast at Don and Paul’s where we got coffee, 2 eggs, and toast for $1.75.  What a deal!  We worked on the blog and studied the charts for the next phase of our trip.  We had planned to go north through Lake Champlain, but that route is closed to navigation due to flooding.  It will not open until sometime in July.  We therefore changed our plans and will take the Erie Canal route west towards the Great Lakes.  

 Total miles:  2.6        Total bridges:  2        Total locks:  1

Day 297 Troy Docks,
Troy, NY
Saturday, June 18, 2011

Leaving Catskill

Hudson City Light

New York State House at Albany

Congratulations to Rich and Linda on Goofin Off!  Their home is in Troy, NY, and they completed America’s Great Loop a few days ago! We arrived in Troy a little before 5:00.   It was great to see Rich and Linda again and to hear about the warm welcome they received from family and friends at the completion of their trip.  They joined us for happy hour on Seamoore, but declined the invitation for dinner since they had eaten a big lunch at a party at their marina. 
We walked with Becky and Carlton to Brown’s Brewing, a brew pub located next to the Troy Docks.  The food was good and so was the band.       
 Total miles:  41        Total bridges:  7        Total locks:  0

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