Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 280     Hoffman's Marina,
Brielle, NJ
Wednesday June 1, 2011

  Hoffman's Marina

 Hoffman's Marina

 Typical ocean buoy

Our second day on the Atlantic Ocean and again we lucked out with fairly calm seas.   However, entering the inlet and getting into our slips at Hoffman Marina turned out to be a challenge.  We encountered large waves, high winds, and low tide.  We had to “bow in” and step off the bow of the boat to get onto the dock.  The docks were fixed (not floating).  With only 3 feet of water under the boat, we could step off with no problems.  However, the tide came in quickly.  By the time we returned from the grocery store our bow was about 5 feet above the dock.  Once we managed to get on – and to get our groceries on – we stayed on board for the evening! 
Total miles:  62        Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 279     Senator Farley State Marina,
Atlantic City, NJ
Tuesday May 31, 2011

 Atlantic City New Jersey

 The Pier from the Boardwalk

 The Boardwalk at Atlantic City

 The Boardwalk at Atlantic City

 The Boardwalk at Atlantic City

Leading to the beach from the Boardwalk at Atlantic City, NJ

Boating on the Atlantic Ocean has always sounded intimidating, but again we were lucky with fairly calm seas.  We made our run from Cape May to Atlantic City in about 4 hours.  Atlantic City has always been one of Jim’s “most wanted” stops on the loop.  We’ve always heard a lot about it, but never visited. 
We checked in and hopped on the Jitney bus ($2.50 per person), and rode down to the boardwalk where we found lots of people, lots of activity, lots of casinos.  Becky and Carlton did not care for the area and soon headed back to the marina.    We were interested in checking it out, and we strolled about a mile or 2 down the boardwalk.  We stopped at Hard Rock Cafe for buffalo wings and finally caught the Jitney bus back to the marina. 
The casino at Farley State Marina had recently changed management from Trump to the Golden Nugget.  There were lots of “coming soon” signs, but few places to eat.  We finally settled on a slice of pizza at a small stand and then headed to the casino bar for a nightcap.  Jim had to try his luck at the craps table and actually won $30.  As we left the casino he joked that they were all saying “There goes the guy who took us for 30 bucks!”  Ha!
Total miles:  44       Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 278    Utsch’s Marina,
Cape May, NJ
Monday May 30, 2011

 Ship John Shoal Lighthouse

 Elbow of The Cross Ledge Lighthouse

Miah Maul Shoal Lighthouse

“Get out of Delaware Bay ASAP” was the message at the AGLCA Rendezvous.  It can be very dangerous with waves rapidly building to 6 feet and no safe harbors around.  We were very lucky.  The bay was like glass, and we arrived at Utsch’s Marina with no problems.  We joined Becky and Carlton for dinner at The Lobster House.  The oyster stew, oysters Rockefeller, and sautéed crab were outstanding.        
Total miles:  58        Total bridges:  3        Total locks:  0

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