Thursday, June 23, 2011

Days 292 - 293   Riverfront Marina,
Newburgh, NY
Monday, June 13, 2011 – Tuesday, June 14, 2011

 Good barbeque at Billy Joe's Ribworks

 Rock formations along the Hudson River

 West Point from the Hudson River

 Hills along the Hudson

 Residence halls

 West Point chapel

 General William Westmoreland's grave
Small stones are left on the gravestones because they last longer than flowers  

 General George Custer was a graduate and is buried at West Point

 The Plain where cadet reviews take place

Trophy Point Amphitheatre  

 Area of the Hudson River where the chain was placed

 13 links from the chain that stretched across the Hudson

The Newburgh Riverfront is a lively area filled with a variety of marinas and restaurants.  On Monday evening we chose Billy Joe's Ribworks and enjoyed great barbeque.  Carlton rented a car, and we went for supplies.
On Tuesday we drove to West Point which George Washington called “the Gibraltar of America”.  It became a military academy in 1802, but its location overlooking a sharp bend in the Hudson River gave it strategic importance during the Revolutionary War.  Under Washington’s orders the Continental Army stretched a chain across the river.  The 150-ton, 500-yard-long chain effectively closed the river to the British.   Thirteen links of the chain (for the 13 original colonies) are located on the campus at Trophy Point.      
Our 2 hour tour of West Point Academy also included the chapel, the stadium, and the cemetery.  We were surprised to learn that the cadet with the most demerits ever was Dwight Eisenhower.  Turns out that he was a practical jokester!  Go figure!     

 Total miles: 23          Total bridges:  1        Total locks:  0

Days 289 - 291  Haverstraw Marina,
Haverstraw, NY
Friday, June 10 – Sunday, June 12, 2011

 Art sculpture at the entrance to Haverstraw Marina

 Seamoore leaves one of the 1,000+ slips at Haverstraw Marina

Seamoore arrived at our Haverstraw Bay anchorage about 5:00 on Thursday afternoon.  We had just settled in for the evening when a storm suddenly swept into the bay.  The storm had not been predicted for this area, but strong winds and large waves pushed our boats in to shore.  Seamoore was seriously grounded, and with our boats tied together, they continued to pound against each other until the storm subsided.  We were extremely fortunate that no one was injured although both boats suffered fiberglass and canvas damage.  Seamoore’s prop and rudder were also damaged and required repairs.  We spent a few days regrouping and having canvas repaired in Haverstraw Marina.     
 Total miles: 4.5         Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

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