Sunday, April 17, 2011

Days 234 - 235      Isle of Hope Marina,
Savannah, GA     MM 590
Saturday April 16, 2011 – Sunday, April 17, 2011
Full moon at Savannah

 Heather, Linda and Rich

Becky, daughter Heather in town for a visit, and Carlton
We spent a couple of days working around the boat including cleaning, laundry, paperwork -  and catching up on the blog! 
Total miles:   0       Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 233       Isle of Hope Marina,
Savannah, FL     MM 590
Friday April 15, 2011

River Street

 River Street

 Yummy taffy made at this store

Savannah River Plaza

World War II memorial

 Savannah has the second busiest cargo ship docks on the East coast

Looper boat docked at downtown Savannah with a car on the deck

Smallest house in Savannah

The only gold leaf City Hall dome in the US

Savannah Cotton Exchange

City Exhange Bell Tower

 Oldest tree in Savannah - over 500 years old

The doors and shutter are painted the color haint - haint blue and it haint green

 Fish shaped downspout

Two sets of stairs - one for men and one for women so that women could hold up their skirts without men seeing their ankles

Each boat in the Looper Boat Train made their own plans for the day.   We caught the 8:43 bus from the marina to historic downtown Savannah.   It turned out to be an hour long ride with countless stops along the way.   We finally arrived downtown, walked a couple of blocks to “Old Savannah Tours”, and purchased an all day pass that allowed us to get on/off of the trolley at any stop.  The tour guide explained a lot of the history of Savannah.   Numerous movies have been filmed here including “Forrest Gump”.  At one of the stops “Forrest” actually got on the trolley for a short conversation with the driver.  It was a great impersonation.   Unfortunately, we were so surprised that we forgot to get a picture! 
We got off the trolley at the last stop and walked the famous River Street with all of its shops and restaurants.  We also walked to the Market District and then decided to ride the complete trolley tour once more.  A different driver had different bits of history to share, so it was another interesting ride.  We opted for a taxi ride home instead of the bus.
Total miles:   0       Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 232       Isle of Hope Marina,
Savannah, GA     MM 590
Thursday April 14, 2011

 Low tide reveals someone's bad day from the past

Arriving at Isle of Hope marina

The “Looper Boat Train” arrived at the Isle of Hope marina a little after noon.  We took the courtesy van to Walmart and then to dinner at a nearby restaurant called Driftaway. 
Total miles:   28       Total bridges:  1        Total locks:  0

Day 231      Walburg Creek anchorage,
Walburg Creek, GA     MM 618
Wednesday April 13, 2011

 Seamoore leads the way into the horizon

One of many jellyfish at our anchorage

Seamoore led the way followed by Dream Catcher, Goofin Off, and Jeremiah on what we dubbed “The Looper Boat Train”.   We had a long day and decided to anchor at Walburg Creek.  When we got close to the anchorage, Dream Catcher took the lead and dropped the hook.  The original plan was for all 4 boats to anchor together, but the winds and currents were both very strong, so only Seamoore tied to us.  Goofin Off and Jeremiah anchored a short distance away.    

Total miles:   66       Total bridges:  3        Total locks:  0
Day 230    Jekyll Harbor Marina,
Jekyll Island, GA     MM 684
Tuesday April 12, 2011

The waterway switchback makes Seamoore seem to float on grass

 IGA on Jekyll Island

 Dinner at SeaJays

Richard, Jill, Becky, Linda, Jeff, Carlton, Brenda, Jim
Strong winds and storm threats caused us to study our charts and decide to take the alternate route from Cumberland Island to Jekyll Island.  The main ICW route requires traveling out to the Atlantic Ocean at St. Andrew Sound.  The alternate ICW route snakes around small waterways and comes out on top of the sound.  We encountered a couple of shallow spots on the alternate route, but arrived safely at our destination.   We were greeted by Jill and Richard (“Finally”) who have just completed the Loop.  Congratulations, Jill and Richard!  We also discovered that Linda and Rich (“Goofin Off”) were here with their friends from home.
Along with Becky, Carlton, Linda, and Jeff, we took the courtesy van to the grocery store which is currently located in a trailer.   The entire downtown area is being renovated, so most of the businesses have moved to temporary locations in trailers.  We also drove through the historic district of the island.
The 6 of us were joined by Jill and Richard for dinner at SeaJays.  
Total miles:   33       Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 229     Cumberland Island anchorage,
Cumberland Island, GA     MM 710
Monday April 11, 2011

 Boat repair yard

 Boat repair yard along the ICW

Another very, very long dock from house to boat

 Dingy at the dock with our anchorage in the background

Moss covered trees on Cumberland Island

 Boardwalk to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean

 Brenda on the boardwalk to the beach

 Museum on Cumberland Island

 Dream Catcher, Seamoore, Jeremiah at anchor

Sunset at Cumberland Island

Goofin Off left Palm Coast early since they were planning to meet some friends from home at Jekyll Island.  Along with Seamoore and Jeremiah, we left Palm Coast about 8:30 and arrived at Cumberland Island anchorage about 1:30.  Seamoore dropped the hook, and we tied on one side with Jeremiah on the other.  Jeremiah made 2 trips in his dingy to take all of us (including the dogs) to Cumberland Island.  We walked about ½ mile to the beach.  The trees and sand dunes are beautiful, but the island is famous for wild horses.  Unfortunately, the only evidence of horses that we saw was the stuff that we didn’t want to step in. 
The island is part of the National Park Service.  A small museum explained the history of the island which included the site of 2 estates, built 100 years apart, both named Dungeness.   The later estate was owned by the younger brother of Andrew Carnegie.  Thomas Carnegie, his wife, and 9 children had a totally self-sustaining estate with a staff of 200.  The area is called the Dungeness Historic District. 
The 6 of us had a delicious dinner of steaks, baked potatoes, and salad on Seamoore.      
Total miles:   37       Total bridges:  6        Total locks:  0
Day 228      Palm Coast Marina,
Jacksonville Beach, FL     MM 747
Sunday April 10, 2011

"Finally" on the way to crossing her wake to complete the loop

We left St. Augustine about 9:30 and started for Jacksonville Beach.  Along the way Seamoore hailed another looper boat called “Jeremiah” (of course, it’s green for the bullfrog and their dingy is named Kermit).   “Jeremiah” was traveling about our speed and after some conversation, decided to stop with us at the Palm Coast Marina.  We all arrived about 1:30, and we met Jeff and Linda who are traveling on “Jeremiah” with their dogs Molly and Snickers.    In the evening we went to dinner with Becky and Carlton (Seamoore), Linda and Rich (Goofin Off) and Linda and Jeff (Jeremiah) at a Mexican restaurant called La Nopalera.  

Total miles:   30       Total bridges:  6        Total locks:  0

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