Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 242    Barefoot Landing Marina,
North Myrtle Beach, SC      MM   354
Sunday, April 24, 2011

 Dream Catcher at Barefoot Landing

 Boardwalk to the shops at Barefoot Landing

Heather stops by Dream Catcher

We relaxed during the day.  In the evening we all gathered on Seamoore for appetizers and dinner.  Linda (Jeremiah) made a delicious main course of tilapia on orzo with salsa.  One of our best meals on the loop!   Everyone brought a dish, and Carlton grilled the fish.   A unique Easter dinner! 
Total miles:   0       Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 241   Barefoot Landing Marina,
North Myrtle Beach, SC      MM   354
Saturday, April 23, 2011

 Grande Dunes bridge

Cable cars carry golfers over the ICW from the parking lot to the golf course at Myrtle Beach 

We called Barefoot Landing Marina in the early morning and got the last slip available for the night.  We arrived about 4:30, got checked in, had appetizers on Seamoore, and walked to T-Bonz for dinner.  Excellent food at good prices. 
Last April we attended the AGLCA rendezvous in North Myrtle Beach, so we explored the area at that time.    Next to the dock is a shopping complex built around lakes with connecting boardwalks.  It includes a large variety of tourist stores, clothing stores, restaurants, and more.  It’s a fun place to visit.   
Total miles:   49       Total bridges:  11        Total locks:  0

Day 240    Georgetown Harborwalk Marina,
Georgetown, SC     MM 403
Friday, April 22, 2011

Brenda, Linda, Linda, Jeff, Rich, Jim at The Old Fish House

We left Charleston in the late morning and traveled in the rain most of the day.  It was only the third day of our trip that we have traveled in the rain.  We arrived to sunny skies at Harborwalk Marina where Seamoore, Goofin Off, and Jeremiah had docked the previous day.  Heather was visiting Becky and Carlton, so the 3 of them opted for a “fancy” dinner.  The rest of us walked downtown to the Fish House for “casual”.     
Total miles:   66       Total bridges:  2        Total locks:  0

Days 238 - 239 Charleston City Marina,
Charleston, SC     MM 469
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Our tour guide Mary Margaret

Typical front door that opens to the porch rather than the house

Original Charleston prison where life expectancy was 3 months

 Charleston City Market

 A popular fountain where the public is welcome to play and cool off

 Old Exchange and Dungeon
The guides dress in period costumes

One of several animated characters on the Dungeon tour

Typical cobblestone street in Charleston

 Brenda in front of the Heywood-Washington home

Front door of the Heywood-Washington home. 
Pull the doorbell (on the right) to ring it

Kitchen in one of the out buildings

Garden in the backyard of the Heywood-Washington home

We arrived in Charleston late Wednesday afternoon.  Since Seamoore, Goofin’Off, and Jeremiah had previously visited Charleston, they left early Thursday morning.  We took the marina’s free shuttle to the Charleston historic district.  We again took a horse-drawn carriage ride, but it was entirely different from the rides we took in St. Augustine and Beaufort.  Carriage rides in Charleston are a huge industry with numerous businesses competing for the tourists.   Only 20 carriages are allowed on the streets at one time, so we had to sit in a line of carriages until others finished their tour.  We were then given a “lottery-drawn” course to follow which ensures that each carriage company has the same chance to get the best tour route. 
After the carriage ride we walked to the Old Exchange and Dungeon.  It includes part of the original city wall.  During the Revolutionary War, the British used the building as a prison.  They never discovered that the patriots had hidden barrels of gun powder behind the walls.  After the war George Washington visited Charleston, gave a speech on the steps of the Exchange, and attended a party here. 
We also visited the Heywood-Washington home.  It was originally the Heywood family home, but after Washington stayed there while he was in Charleston, the name was changed to the Heywood-Washington home.   
Total miles:   67       Total bridges:  5        Total locks:  0

Day 237   Downtown Marina,
Beaufort, SC     MM 536
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Docked at Beaufort City Marina

At low tide Jim points to where high tide will reach in a few hours

 Notice the ramp in the background at low tide

 Looking down the ramp to our boat at low tide

The ramp to our boat at high tide is level

Our tour guide Bonnie with Rocky

 One of many beautiful Southern homes on our tour

Spanish moss covered tree grows to the ground

Lunch at Luthers with Carlton, Becky, Linda, Rich, and Jeff

Beaufort (pronounced BEW-fort as opposed to Beaufort, NC which is pronounced BO-fort) is a beautiful town with a lot of history.  We took a horse-drawn carriage ride and heard the story about “The Great Skedaddle”.  During the Civil War as the Union troops were about to occupy Beaufort, most of the residents left their homes.  The Union auctioned off  the homes to the highest bidder.  When the war was over, the residents returned to claim their homes.   They took their case to court, but the government upheld the new owners saying that the original owners were not part of the U.S. when they left their homes, so they had no protection under U.S. law. 
Our guide also explained that the slaves cooked meals in kitchens that were separate from the main house due to fire hazards.  So that the slaves could not eat some of the food on the way to the house, a law was passed requiring them to whistle as they carried the food.  The whistling attracted dogs, so another slave had to throw balls of dough for the dogs to keep them from barking for the food.  And that’s how we got the term “hush puppies”!    Not sure if that one’s true, but that’s her story!  
Total miles:   19       Total bridges:  2        Total locks:  0

Day 236   Skull Creek Marina,  
Hilton Head Island,  SC     MM 555
Monday, April 18, 2011

Dinner at Skull Creek Boathouse on Hilton Head Island

We left Georgia and crossed another state line into South Carolina.  Yeah!  Our accomplishment for the day!    We enjoyed dinner at the Skull Creek Boathouse with Becky, Carlton, Linda, and Jeff.  There was a long wait since the restaurant was packed with crowds from a golf tournament.  But it was worth the wait with lots of good food.    
Total miles:   35       Total bridges:  3        Total locks:  0

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