Thursday, April 7, 2011

Days 220 - 223      Loggerhead Marina,
Daytona Beach, FL     MM 829
Saturday, April 2, 2011 – Tuesday, April 5, 2011

 Anita and Bob's condo from the intercostal waterway

Dream Catcher at Loggerhead Marina at Daytona Beach

Caribbean Jack's at Loggerhead Marina

Stierwalts and Robackers greet us in Daytona Beach

On the balcony 

View of intercostal waterway from the dining room

Margie is ready for her glass of wine 

Sunset from Bob and Anita's condo

Jim's birthday

Bob, Jim, and Denny toast good times

Relaxing on Daytona Beach

At the oldest wood school house in the states

Horse-drawn carriage ride tour of St. Augustine

 Memorial Presbyterian Church built by Henry Flagler as a memorial to his daughter.  Flagler is buried here. 

Brenda, Jim, Margie, Denny, and Big Jim

Cannons at Castillo de San Marcos

Fort courtyard

Denny and Margie at the fort

At Castillo de San Marcos fort

At Sangria's

Mill in St. Augustine

St. Augustine

As we entered Daytona Beach, we were hailed on our marine radio by Bob and Anita Robacker!  Their condo overlooks the intracostal waterway, and they waved and took pictures as we cruised by.      
 As soon as we were settled at Loggerhead Marina we were greeted by Margie and Denny Stierwalt and Anita and Bob who are spending the winter in Daytona Beach.  What a treat to see them!  After cocktails on Dream Catcher we went to dinner at Bob and Anita’s condo.  Beautiful condo!  Beautiful view!  For dinner we had a delicious filet from Fairway at home, and for dessert we had cake to celebrate Jim’s birthday.
Sunday – Jim’s birthday!  Anita and Bob picked us up and we went to Margie and Denny’s condo on the beach.  We enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day walking and relaxing on the beach.  Margie made her world-famous macaroons for Jim, and we all enjoyed a Chinese dinner .
On Monday Margie and Denny picked us up and we went to St. Augustine for the day.  It’s the oldest city in the United States.  After lunch at O.C.Whites, we took a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city.  We toured the fort and then walked the narrow streets that are full of shops and restaurants.  It was a fun and interesting day! 
Thanks so much to Margie and Denny, Anita and Bob for everything! 

Total miles:  68      Total bridges: 11       Total locks:  0
Days 217 - 219      Cocoa Village Marina,
Cocoa, FL     MM 897
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 – Friday, April 1, 2011

 Launch pad for the April 19th takeoff

 The flag on the assembly building is 20 stories tall

 Satellite in the cargo bay of the space shuttle

 Space shuttle

Brenda, Becky, Carlton, Linda, Rich, and Jim at Norman's Oyster Bar

 A storm moved through Florida on Wednesday and Thursday, so we spent most of our time on the boat.  But on Friday the weather cleared.  Linda and Rich rented a van and, along with Becky and Carlton, we all went to the Kennedy Space Center.  It was an interesting, informative day filled with amazing exhibits, displays, and demonstrations.
Total miles:  48     Total bridges: 8       Total locks:  0
Day 216     Jones Fruit Dock      MM 945
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saying goodbye to Bailes and Gussie

 Jones Fruit Stand

 Fee to dock is $20 no matter what size the boat

Seamoore and Goofin Off at Jones Fruit Dock
 It was hard to say goodbye to Gussie and Bailes, but about 11:00 we once more started traveling north.  About 4:00 we arrived at Jones Fruit Dock where we had planned to meet Seamoore.  Since 3 boats were already on the dock, we rafted off Seamoore.  The other boats were Goofin Off (Rich and Linda who are loopers) and Rhiannon (Barb and Bob who are just returning from the Bahamas where they spent the winter on their sailboat). 
We were sad to hear that Mr. Jones had passed away on the previous Saturday.  So we didn’t get to sign his famous guest book, but we heard that he had sold his land to the county for $7 million.  Not bad for a fruit stand! 
Total miles:  34      Total bridges: 4       Total locks:  0
Days 214 – 215      Nettles Island Marina,
Jensen Beach, FL     MM 979
Sunday, March 27, 2011 – Monday, March 28, 2011

 Sunset from Bailey's condo

 Brenda, Duane, Sharon, Bailes, Gussie

Dinner at Renalto's
 Our last stop with Gussie and Bailes was Nettles Island which is just north of Duane and Sharon Bailey’s condo on Hutchinson Beach near Stuart.  Bailes and Gussie will stay with them for a few days before heading back to Iowa.  We had pizza dinner at the condo.  It is right on the beach on the intracostal waterway.  Beautiful condo.  Beautiful sunset. 
On Monday we went to dinner with all of the Baileys at Renato’s Italian Restaurant.  Delicious!
Total miles:  38      Total bridges: 9       Total locks:  0

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