Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 21       Drydens Creek,  Kentucky
Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kentucky State Penitentiary

This is Kentucky's only mazimum-security prison. 

 Sunset at our anchorage at Drydens Creek, KY

Yesterday we went 7 miles.  Today we challenged ourselves to an incredible   13 miles.  It’s almost like we’re on vacation!   We left Buzzard Rock at 12:15 and anchored at Drydens Creek at 2:30.  Barkley Lake is impressive with its 1,004 shoreline miles and beautiful coves like Drydens.   We enjoyed the anchorage and the beautiful weather. 
Total miles:  13           Total bridges:  0          Total locks:  0  
Day 20       Buzzard Rock,       Kuttawa, Kentucky
Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Anchorage at Buzzard Rock, KY

We left GTB at 11:00 am and slowly boated for less than 2 hours to Buzzard Rock for a beautiful anchorage.  We could see a couple of very expensive homes on the bluffs, but otherwise no one else was in sight.   We spent the day getting several things done on the boat – including  setup of the wireless router and printer.  For dinner we enjoyed Tim Proudfit’s delicious spaghetti dinner recipe.  Thanks for the recipe, Tim! 
Total miles:  7        Total bridges:  0       Total locks:  0                                                                            
Day 19        Green Turtle Bay,  Grand Rivers, Kentucky
Monday, September 13, 2010

Patti's 1880's settlement restaurant (they bake their bread in flower pots)

Boaters’ Heaven!   The ship store at GTB has everything that every boater could ever “need”.  Of course, we spent some time and money there – but obviously only on NECESSITIES!    We then took the GTB courtesy car to Grand Rivers for dinner at world-famous Patti’s and groceries at IGA.  We went back to the boat for a cocktail.  This is a dry county, so if you want wine (or any alcoholic drink) with your dinner, you take your own bottle to the restaurant and give it to the host/hostess.  The waiter then serves you your own bottle.
    Total miles: 0                 Total bridges:  0         Total locks:  0
Day 18     Green Turtle Bay, Grand Rivers Kentucky
Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leaving the Ohio River behind us to start up the Cumberland River

Approaching Barkley Lock and Dam with the Eureka bridge in the foreground (U.S. 62)

Barkley Lock and Dam

Lower gates of Barkley Lock

Notice the concrete wall below the upper lock gates.  The lift is so high the we will pass over this wall when we exit the lock.  

Commonwealth Yacht Club (BYOB - it's a dry county) and bath house (in foreground) at Green Turtle Bay, Grand Rivers, KY 

Our slip (number 5) at Green Turtle Bay.  Water, electric, and cable included. 

Beautiful day on the Cumberland River:  a few barges every now and then, but generally no other boats, very calm, quiet, no debris.  We left our anchorage at 11:30 am and arrived at Barkley Lock and Dam at 4:10.  It is an enormous lock with a 57 foot lift.  We were the only boat in the lock.   The lockmaster radioed to see if we were tied to a bollard since the lock is so large that he could not visually verify that we were ready.  What an incredible operation!  We arrived at Green Turtle Bay Marina at 4:45 pm.  Pete and Jane Duvoisin from Somerset 2 were there to greet us.  Fortunately ,they had made a slip reservation for us earlier in the day;  it was the last slip available.    We had cocktails and appetizers on Somerset 2, and then enjoyed dinner together at the Commonwealth Yacht Club.  Pete and Jane have been extremely helpful and informative.  They will complete the loop in 7 – 10 days.  Congratulations, Pete and Jane!
 Total miles: 32         Total bridges:  3         Total locks:  1

Day 17   Mile Marker 923.5(Ohio) Cumberland Island Towhead , Paducah,Kentucky 
Saturday, September 11, 2010  

Olmstead Lock and Dam under construction on the Ohio River

Olmstead Lock and Dam

Boating over Lock and Dam 53 due to high water

Approaching Lock and Dam 52

Our anchorage at the mouth of the Cumberland River behind Cumberland Island. 

Looking back at the Ohio River from our Cumberland Island anchorage

Very long day:  We departed at 6:45 am from Little River Diversion Channel.   At 11:00 am we crossed MM 0 on the Upper Mississippi River and entered the Ohio River.  With no change in our rpm, our speed changed from 13.5 mph downstream on the Mississippi to 7.5 mph upstream on the Ohio.  The river was high, so when we arrived at Lock 53 the wickets were down, and we just boated over the dam.  However, the river was not high enough for Lock 52, and we had to wait an hour and a half for a tow to lock thorough.  We made it to MM 923.5 at Cumberland Island Towhead at 7:15 pm to anchor (with sunset at 7:11 pm).  It was a beautiful, calm, quiet anchorage.  
Total miles: 106.5        Total bridges:  8         Total locks:  2

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