Sunday, May 29, 2011

Days 269-270    Spring Cove Marina
Solomons Island, MD
Saturday, May 21 through Sunday, May 22,  2011

 Point No Point Lighthouse

 Calvert Marine Museum

 Prehistoric shark skeleton at the marine museum


 Fog bell ringer mechanism used weights like a grandfather clock

 Cottage style screwpile lighthouse on display at the Calvert Marine Museum

Solomons Island was a 5 hour run, but we left early to take advantage of calm seas in the morning on Chesapeake Bay.  We arrived in the early afternoon and walked to the Calvert Marine Museum.  It was extremely well-done with live marine life exhibits, archeological exhibits, and a restored lighthouse built in 1833 that was in use until 1962. 
We had dinner at CD Café which was recommended by the locals. 
On Sunday we caught up on a few things around the boat.               
Total miles:  32      Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 268    Point Lookout Marina,
Ridge, MD
Friday, May 20, 2011

Seamoore at Smith Point Lighthouse

Point Lookout Marina 

 Point Lookout Marina

This osprey's address is Potomac River #3, Air Mail only

Point Lookout Marina is a little off the beaten path for loopers.  But we decided to give it a try since we didn’t want to make the 70-plus mile run to Solomons Island in one day.  It was a very quiet, peaceful marina.  Dinner at Spinnakers, the marina restaurant, was outstanding.  I had my very first seafood BLT.  Delicious!  It was a regular BLT with the addition of fried soft-shelled crab and steamed shrimp.  Jim had a soft-shelled crab sandwich that was great.   This was our first stop in Maryland, and we quickly discovered why they are known for crab!                  
Total miles:  46       Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

Day 267    Dozier’s Regatta Point Yachting Center,
Deltaville, VA
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thimble Shoal Light 


               Dream Catcher next to a Navy destroyer


Dozier’s Regatta Point Marina

Dozier’s Regatta Point Yachting Center is the home of Dozier’s Waterway Guides and Skipper Bob Publications.  Both are absolute necessities for Loopers.  When we arrived at Dozier’s in the late afternoon we found numerous other loopers, all heading north after the Rendezvous. 
It was fun to talk with the loopers, but we also had an interesting chat with a couple of local boaters who stopped by after noticing our home port on the back of Dream Catcher.   They told us how much they enjoyed their visit to the Quad Cities.  They mentioned several big events including the Bix Festival, and they raved about specific restaurants including Duck City.  It was nice to hear such positive comments about our home town!
 We had cocktails on Dream Catcher with Becky and Carlton.  Cocomos Restaurant offered a courtesy shuttle to and from their restaurant, so the 4 of us took advantage of it.                     
Total miles:  64       Total bridges:  0        Total locks:  0

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