Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 45        Joe Wheeler State Park, Rogersville, Alabama,  MM 277 Tennessee River       
Saturday, October 9, 2010
Laundry day – and it turns out that the laundry room is a LONG way from our boat slip.  So we lowered the dingy and used it to go back and forth – a fun, relaxing way to go to the laundromat!
 We enjoyed the afternoon watching the Michigan vs Michigan State football game on Satisfaction, a 53-foot Carver parked next to us.  John and Pat are on their way to Chattanooga with friends Blake and Donna.  Thanks, John and Pat for your hospitality!

Total miles: 0       Total bridges:  0      Total locks:  0
Day 44         Joe Wheeler State Park, Rogersville, Alabama,  MM 277 Tennessee River       
Friday, October 8, 2010

         Approaching Wilson Lock

Double chambered Auxillery Lock at Wilson Lock

                   Gates closing

         Looking up at the concrete wall & lock gate holding back Wilson Lake.  Hope it holds ... ignore the water pouring from the seams ...  

           Tied to a bollard for locking

           Looking up the bollard chamber

Upstream gate lowering so that we can pass over it

After a quick shopping trip, we ate breakfast at a small cafe in Florence – the first grits we’ve had on our trip.  We then headed to Wilson Lock – the largest lock on the loop with a 95-foot lift.   Eva called ahead for us and there was no wait.  The lock is awesome.   It takes an incredible 50 million gallons of water to fill the chamber. 
The next next lock was Wheeler where again there was no wait.  Wheeler is smaller than Wilson, but it still takes 26 million gallons to fill it. 
We checked in at Joe Wheeler State Park Marina in Rogersville, Alabama.  We are planning to stay here for a few weeks until the AGLCA rendezvous. 
Total miles: 21       Total bridges:  5      Total locks:  2

Day 43        Florence Harbor Marina, Florence,
 Alabama,  MM 256 Tennessee River       

Thursday, October 7, 2010
Florence Marina

"Dream Catcher" at Florence, Alabama

Local businessman's 140' yacht at Florence

Wood fired pizza oven from Italy

Great staff at Ricatoni's

 A long boating day for us.  We left Grand Harbor Marina about 10:00 and arrived at Florence Harbor Marina about 4:00.  Eva, the marina manager, was very friendly and helpful and gave us a ride to downtown Florence.  We enjoyed pizza at Ricatoni’s.  The pizza is hand rolled, tossed, and baked in a wood-burning oven.  Delicious!  A fun evening.    
Total miles: 41       Total bridges: 1      Total locks:  0
Day 42      Grand Harbor Marina,  Counce, Tennessee,  MM 215 Tennessee River       
Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Morning fog at anchor

Homes along the river

"Dream Catcher" at Grand Harbor

Courtesy vehicle from Grand Harbor

               Replica of Shiloh church for which the battle was named.

Iowa mounument commissioned by the state of Iowa

            Iowa 2nd Regiment: 490 total, 68 killed & wounded, 4 missing.

Landing site for union reinforcement troops that helped win the battle.

 We left Wolf Island about 9:45 and had no wait at Pickwick Lock so we were through in a half hour.  We arrived at Grand Harbor Marina in Counce, Tennessee, about 1:30.  A new 4-door courtesy pick-up was available, and we headed to Shiloh National Military Park.  On the way to the park we listened to a CD that explained the famous 2-day Civil War battle.  The CD was compliments of boaters Bob and Deb Koerner who left it with Grand Harbor Marina for other boaters who were interested in learning more about Shiloh.  Their boat card in the CD simply said that they hoped others would enjoy it.  How thoughtful!  Thank you, Bob and Deb.
The park visitor center featured a 25-minute film that introduced the battle.  A driving tour of the area then further explained the troop movements and actions that occurred over 2-days.  Over 23,000 men died in the battle.  It was a very moving experience.    
On the way back from Shiloh we stopped at Freddy T’s for supper.    
Total miles: 23       Total bridges:  1      Total locks:  1

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